Repub Dropship
10195 Republic Dropship with AT-OT is a Ultimate Collector's Series set that was released in 2009. It was made up of 1756 pieces and came with 8 minifigures; 6 Clone Troopers and 2 Clone Pilots. The set was made up of the AT-OT walker and a Republic dropship that is capable of lifting the walker and various other sets, including the set 7675 AT-TE. The walker can seat up to 16 Clone troopers. It is currently unavailable at the Lego shop [1]

Shop Description

"Two incredible Star Wars™ vehicles in one!

Flying through the skies of hostile planets, the Republic LAAT/c (Low Altitude Assault Transport/carrier) Dropship swoops down and deploys the AT-OT (All Terrain Open Transport) troop carrier for attacks on Separatist strongholds. Dropship features an opening cockpit, rotating front and rear cannons, auto-firing missiles and armament bay, and a fold-away handle on top. AT-OT features poseable legs, rotating cannons, crew compartment with weapon racks, and folding cockpit and boarding ramp. Drop ship automatically locks onto walker, then releases it with the push of a switch! Also works with #7675 AT-TE Walker. Includes 2 clone pilots and 6 clone troopers.

  • Includes 2 Clone Pilot™ and 6 Clone Trooper™ minifigures!
  • Two incredible vehicles in one!
  • Republic Dropship features a fold-away handle on top!
  • Republic Dropship automatically locks onto AT-OT Walker™ and releases with the push of a switch!
  • Dropship features an opening cockpit!
  • Dropship includes flick-fire missiles, as well as rotating front and rear cannons!
  • Dropship measures over 18” (46cm) long and has a wingspan of over 21” (53cm)!
  • Customize your Dropship with alternate stickers!
  • AT-OT Walker has 8 poseable legs!
  • AT-OT Walker features cockpit that really opens!
  • Assemble your forces aboard the AT-OT Walker that seats up to 16 minifigures!
  • AT-OT Walker measures over 16” (40cm) long and 5”(13cm) wide!
  • AT-OT Walker features a fold out boarding ramp!
  • Republic Dropship also combines with #7675 AT-TE Walker™!"
―Lego Shop [src]

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