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3343 box
Star Wars #4
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Minifig Items

Blaster x3



The Star Wars #4 set was released in 2000. It was originally retailing for $4.99 and contained 31 pieces. The set includes two Battle Droids and a Battle Droid Commander. It also includes three display cards, one for each Battle Droid. The first depicting the battle inside the Theed Royal Palace on Naboo, the second depicting the battle outside the Theed Palace. The third card depicts the battle at the planet of Naboo. It is the last of four sets in 2000 to include just minifigures. Each set included 3 Lego Star Wars minifigures. Description

Collect all 4 minifigure collectible sets!

Each set includes information cards for each figure and 3 display stands. All figures are standard size LEGO figures measuring approximately 1½ inches tall.

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