Flash Speeder
Set Number





Naboo Security Officer


Flash Speeder


Episode I

The 7124 Flash Speeder was released in 2000. The set contained 105 pieces and includeed a Naboo Security Officer. It's MSRP is $11.00. It was the first and only set to feature a Naboo Security officer.


Rotating blaster turret

On the back of speeder was a rotating blaster turret. It could spin 360 degrees around, and was raised slightly higher than the rest of the speeder so that it could point over the minifigure sitting in it.

Cargo storage

The rotating blaster turret rested on a secret storage area in the back of the speeder. The hold was concealed by a flap that could open to a certain point. The area could hold a small amount of minifigure items Description

It's a high-speed chase in the Flash speeder!

Hop behind the controls of the Flash speeder with the Royal Naboo Security forces. It's built for speed to keep the city streets safe! Outfitted with a pursuit/defense blaster.

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