7134 A-wing
A-Wing Fighter
Set Number







A-Wing Fighter

Minifig Items
  • Wrench
  • Electrobinoculars


The 7134 A-wing Fighter was a set released in 2000. It contained 123 pieces, and was the first Lego A-wing ever made. It's MSRP is $16.50. This is the first version of the A-Wing Fighter. The set included two minifigures: An A-Wing Pilot, and a Rebel Mechanic. It was the first set to include both of those minifigures. The set also included a wrench and electrobinoculars for the Rebel Mechanic. The set was remodeled, and was sold again in 2006 as 6207 A-Wing Fighter. The new set included all the same minifigures, but the A-Wing Fighter was different. Description

Pilot the A-Wing – the fastest Rebel fighter!

Fearless Rebel pilots zoom through the skies in the speedy A-Wing. It has two wing-mounted pivoting blaster cannons, and a cockpit that opens and closes.

  • Comes with one Rebel pilot and a mechanic minifigures!

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