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The 7139 Ewok Attack Lego® Star Wars was a set released in 2002, and contained 119 pieces. The set included minifigures of Wicket, Paploo, a scout trooper and a stormtrooper. It were the old versions of all the minifigures, with Wicket being all brown, and Paploo being tan and brown. The stormtrooper had the old version helmet, and markings on its legs. The scout trooper also had a yellow head with black goggles. The set also containd a Speeder Bike a catapult, and Wicket's ewok glider! The jungle speeder bike was the first version too. In 2009, a redone version of the set was released. The scene was included in the set called The Battle of Endor, and it included a newer version of Wicket, Paploo, and a scout trooper. It included a newer, longer version of the catapult, which had a green "grass" platform under it. The set again came with 2 rocks and a bow-and-arrow, except that it was brown instead of the previous black. The Ewok glider was built different, and it had bigger wings, that didn't have any designs on them. The differences (besides one being a more updated version and one not) between the two were that the older one had a stormtrooper and the newer one didn't, and the newer one had had a spear and the older one didn't. In 2011, a set with the same name: Ewok Attack, was released. It had the same name, but the set was much different.



In the set, a brown catapult was included. The brown color was to make look like wood, and it had a little plant on the side. The front plank on the catapult could be pushed as a lever to launch the rocks in the basket on the back. On either sides of the catapult, are tension wheels that can be turned around. Four spokes stick out of it, but in actuality, the wheels don't do anthing for the set, they are just for the look of the catapult.

Ewok Glider

The Ewok Glider had triangle wings with printed on framework. A minifigure (usually an Ewok) could be attached by putting their hands onto handles that stuck out. Their bodies were not actually able to be attached to the glider. Description

Relive the Battle of Endor!

The Ewoks are ready to defend their world from the Empire! Shoot stones at the stormtrooper with the Ewok catapult, or drop a rock from the Ewok hang-glider to slow down the Imperial speederbike.

  • Includes Ewoks, stormtrooper, and biker scout minifigures!

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