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Republic Gunship
Set Number



US $ 89.99




Republic Gunship

7163 Republic Gunship was a set released in 2002 and was originally sold for $89.99. It contained a Jedi Knight (Geonosis), four Clone Troopers (Episode II), two B2 Super Battle Droids, and a Droideka. It also contained a Republic Gunship. The Gunship had a crew bay covered by opening and closing doors, an engine under a hood on the top, two side turrets which moved in and out, and one supply locker on each side.
7163-1-1 Description

Republic Gunship to the rescue!

Just when it seems like Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala are doomed — here comes the Republic Gunship to save the day! Manned by clone troopers, this mighty vessel is powerful enough to defeat any foe!

  • Open the front hatches to reveal the secret compartments inside!
  • Includes 2 Super Battle Droids, 1 Destroyer Droid, 4 Clone Troopers and 1 Jedi Knight!

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