7180 B-Wing Fighter

Picture of the set

B-Wing Starfighter
Set Number


Year Released



US $29.99


B-Wing Starfighter


Episode VI

The 7180 B-wing Fighter includes minifigures of a B-Wing Pilot, a Rebel Mechanic and a R4 Astromech Droid. This is the first B-wing ever made by Lego. It came with the B-wing Starfighter and a small Rebel. The R4 droid is identical in looks to R4-P17.

It's MSRP was $29.99.

The small base consisted of three parts. An archway, a computer station, and a sliding door. There was also a small hover crane vehicle that fits one minifigure and a set of tools. It included a comic at the end of the instruction booklet.

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