7667 Imperial Dropship was released in January 2008 as part of the A New Hope line. It is a Battle Pack and contains three Stormtroopers and one Shadowtrooper minifigures. Feature include an opening cockpit and a detachable troop bay. Although the troop bay can seat four stormtroopers, the set only comes with three.

7667 box

7667 Imperial Dropship


  • This set was released in some places in 2007, but was officially released everywhere else in January 2008.
  • The stormtroopers have plain black heads under their helmets.
  • This set is never seen in any of the movies. Description

Build your Imperial forces!

Send in the Imperial Dropship with its stormtrooper squad! Equipped with laser cannons and a detachable troop platform, this speedy space transport is ready to battle the Rebellion on any planet in the Empire.

  • Includes 3 stormtroopers and shadow stormtrooper pilot!
  • Lift back up to drop the clone troop platform into battle!
  • Imperial Dropship is 4" (10 cm) long!

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