7673 MagnaGuard Starfighter
MagnaGuard Starfighter
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Magna Droid(2)


MagnaGuard Starfighter

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The Clone Wars

The 7673 MagnaGuard Starfighter is a Lego® Star Wars set that was released in 2008. The set included minifigures of two all-new Magna Droids and a Porax-38 starfighter and is part of Lego's® "The Clone Wars" line. The set features opening cockpit and engine compartments. Description

Carry out the commands of General Grievous!

The skilled and silent MagnaGuards are General Grievous' elite droid forces in the Clone Wars and their specialized starfighter is just as deadly as they are! Equipped with a lever-activated cockpit, opening engine compartments, and a hidden missile launcher with flick-action rockets, this sleek ship is a serious threat to any clone troopers or Jedi Knights who dare to cross its path.

  • Includes 2 MagnaGuard minifigures!
  • Push lever forward to flip open the cockpit!
  • Sides open to reveal pop-up launchers!
  • Back flips open to use the hidden flick-fire missile!
  • Measures over 11" (28cm) wide and over 10" (25cm) long!

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