7958 Star Wars Advent Calendar is a Star Wars Seasonal release. It includes various items to be opened one by one on the days preceding Christmas.


Day 1: Republic Cruiser

Day 2: Nute Gunray

Day 3: Nute Gunray's walking mechano chair

Day 4: Homing Spider Droid

Day 5: Boba Fett's Slave I

Day 6: Chewbacca

Day 7: Tools Rack

Day 8: Rebel Pilot

Day 9: X-wing

Day 10: Imperial Shuttle

Day 11: Pilot battle droid

Day 12: Snowspeeder

Day 13: R2-Q5

Day 14: Mouse Droid

Day 15: Republic attack gunship

Day 16: Clone Pilot

Day 17: Weapons Rack

Day 18: Y-Wing

Day 19: TIE pilot

Day 20: TIE fighter

Day 21: Millennium Falcon

Day 22: A-wing

Day 23: Christmas tree

Day 24: Santa Yoda


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