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TIE Defender

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The 8087 TIE Defender is a Lego® Star wars set based on a fighter from the Expanded Universe. The set was released in 2010. It's minifigs include a TIE Pilot with a new helmet design and a Stormtrooper. The TIE Defender ship had an opening cockpit that, on the inside, has a space to place a minifigure. The cockpit and pieces are much like the Darth Vader's Tie Fighter set. It has three thin wings, broken up into two pieces. Each wing has a grey, flick-fire missile on the end. description

The secret weapon of the Empire is here!

Built in response to the Rebellion’s highly-skilled starfighter forces, the top-secret TIE defender is the ultimate expression of Imperial power and technology! Never before made as a LEGO set, this unique 3-winged TIE fighter blasts into battle with 6 flick-launching
Cocpit defend

The cockpit

missiles and an opening cockpit that rotates when the model turns.

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