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Swamp speeder

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Clone Wars

The Republic Swamp Speeder is a set that was released in 2010.

It includes the first ever LEGO Barriss Offee minifigure and a newly designed Episode III Clone Trooper.

It includes two B2 Super Battle Droids, two B1 Battle Droids, Barriss Offee and a new EPIII Clone Trooper. Description

Battle Separatists on any terrain!

Swampy planets like Kashyyyk are no problem for the Republic swamp speeder! With hidden wheels for “hovering” action and flick-firing blasters that automatically move when you rotate the engine, this armed and armored vehicle from the Clone Wars is ready to fight against the Separatists’ droids wherever they attack.

  • Includes Republic swamp speeder, Jedi Commander Barriss Offee, clone trooper, super battle droid and 2 battle droids
  • Hidden wheels give the speeder "hovering" capability
  • Heavily-armed with 4 flick-firing blasters that really move
  • Swamp speeder measures over 5" (12cm) long and over 5" (12cm) wide

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