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The following are a complete set of cheats for every LEGO® Star Wars game.

Lego® Star Wars (Console)

  • 14PGMN Unlocks Count Dooku.
  • ZTY392 Unlocks Grievous' Bodyguard.
  • SF321Y Unlocks General Grievous.
  • ER33JN Unlocks Clone Ep III.
  • BHU72T Unlocks Clone Ep III, Pilot.
  • N3T6P8 Unlocks Clone Ep III, Swamp.
  • RS6E25 Unlocks Clone Ep III, Walker.
  • EUW862 Unlocks Shaak Ti.
  • EN11K5 Unlocks Battle Droid (Commander).
  • DH382U Unlocks Droideka.
  • PP43JX Unlocks Royal Guard.
  • 92UJ7D Unlocks Padmé.
  • H35TUX Unlocks Darth Maul.
  • F8B4L6 Unlocks Clone.
  • 19D7NB Unlocks Geonosian.
  • LK42U6 Unlocks Battle Droid (Geonosis).
  • XZNR21 Unlocks Super Battle Droid.
  • PL47NH Unlocks Jango Fett.
  • LA811Y Unlocks Boba Fett.
  • A725X4 Unlocks Luminara.
  • DP55MV Unlocks Ki-Adi Mundi.
  • CBR954 Unlocks Kit Fisto.
  • 987UYR Unlocks Battle Droid.
  • KF999A Unlocks Battle Droid (Security).
  • R840JU Unlocks PK Droid.
  • U63B2A Unlocks Gonk Droid.
  • PUCEAT Tea cups
  • LD116B Minikit detector
  • RP924W Moustaches
  • YD77GC Purple
  • MS999Q Silhouettes
  • 4PR28U Invincibility
  • NR37W1 Silly Blasters
  • L449HD-Classic Blasters
  • IG72X4-Big Blasters
  • SHRUB1-Brushes

Lego® Star Wars (Game Boy Advance)

While on the pause menu:

  • Random studs: L, L, L, right, left, R, R, R
  • Repairbot: down, down, down, down, L, right, down, right, L
  • Play as C-3PO: start, start, left, down, right, up, right, right
  • More speed for a while: right, right, down, up, right, L.
  • Sheep Mode: L, R, L, down, up, R, R, right, left, down, right, right, select
  • See all the cut-scenes: down, up, R, L, R, R, R, down, down, up, down, down, select
  • Play as a Battle Droid: start, start, down, right, left, down, right, left.
  • See Yoda quotes: Down, L, R, Select
  • Play as a Super Battle Droid: Start, start, left, down, down, down, down, right
  • Strange Colors: L, L, L, left, left, R, R, right, right, down, down, down, select
  • play as blue Gungan: start, start, down, left, right, down, left, right
  • Play as Geonosian: Start, Start, Right, Down, Right, Down, Left, Up
  • Play as a pit droid: start, start, up, up, up, down, down, down
  • Play as General Grievous: Start, Start, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down
  • Play as Droid on STAP: Start, Start, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up
  • Play as Black and Silver R2: Start, Start, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down
  • Play as Red and Yellow R2: Start, Start, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up
  • bigger damage: Down, Down, Left, Right, Down, L
  • Play as a destroyer droid: start, start, left, up, right, down, right, up
  • Gives you 10 studs: Up, right, down, left, up, right, down, left, select.
  • Main Star Wars Theme: Up, Up, Up, Up, L, R, Down, Down, Down, Down
  • Invasion Theme: Down, Down, Down, Down, L, R, Up, Up, Up, Up.
  • Different music: Up, Up, Up, Up, R, L, Down, Down, Down, Down
  • More different music: Down, Down, Down, Down, R, L, Up, Up, Up, Up
  • Yellow color of lightsaber, force and gun shots: R, R, L, start
  • Purple color of lightsaber, force and gun shots: L, R, L, start
  • blue color of lightsaber, force and gun shots: R, R, R, start
  • Green color of lightsaber, force and gun shots: R, L, R, start
  • Black color of lightsaber, force and gun shots: L, L, R, start
  • Red color of lightsaber, force and gun shots: L, R, R, start

Lego® Star Wars II (Console)

  • TTT289 Ewok
  • UCK868 Beach Trooper
  • UGN694 Ugnaught
  • UUB319 Lobot
  • VAP664 Imperial Shuttle Pilot
  • VHY832 Bespin Guard
  • WTY721 Bib Fortuna
  • YDV451 Sandtrooper
  • YWM840 Han Solo (Hood)
  • YZF999 Gamorrean Guard
  • NYU989 Snow Trooper
  • BEN917 Ben Kenobi (Ghost)
  • HLP221 Boba Fett
  • BNC332 Death Star Trooper
  • HHY382 The Emperor
  • NFX582 Gonk Droid
  • SMG219 Grand Moff Tarkin
  • PRJ821 Greedo
  • NXL973 IG-88
  • MMM111 Imperial Guard
  • BBV889 Imperial Officer
  • CVT125 Imperial Spy
  • JAW499 Jawa
  • SGE549 Palace Guard
  • CYG336 Rebel Pilot
  • EKU849 Rebel Trooper (Hoth)
  • GBU888 Skiff Guard
  • HDY739 TIE Fighter
  • NNZ316 TIE Fighter Pilot
  • QYA828 TIE Interceptor
  • NAH118 Tusken Raider
  • TYH319 the beard
  • CL4U5H Santa hat & clothes
  • NBP398 Red noses on all characters

Lego® Star Wars II (Nintendo DS)

  • UDLRAB Unlock all Characters
  • ABACAB Unlock all Extras
  • 867539 Unlock all Clothing in Character Editor
  • BIGGUN Unlock all Weapons in Character Editor
  • HGIGHF Earn 500,000 Bonus Lego® Studs
  • 4PR28U 10 extra studs

Lego® Star Wars II (Game Boy Advance)

  • 01138 view final movie
  • 51999 Death Star Subsector 1
  • 20876 Emperor's Lair
  • 52583 Death Star 2
  • 31299 Ewok Village
  • 06881 Yoda's Hut
  • 61806 Sensor Balcony
  • 08433 Carbonite Chamber
  • 50250 The Dark Cave
  • 89910 Millenium Falcon
  • 42352 Wampa Cave
  • 52577 Death Star
  • 80500 Death Star Hanger
  • 11911 Trash Compactor
  • 27000 Alderaan
  • 13197 Mos Eisley Cantina
  • 40214 Obi-Wan's House
  • 82434 Mos Eisely
  • 70546 Unlock Dancing Girl
  • 11340 Unlock Sith Mode
  • 75046 Unlock Jedi Spirit
  • 80873 Unlock Bubble Blaster

Lego® Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Console)

Lego® Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Nintendo DS)​

  • at main menu, press Start, Start, Down, Down, Left, Left, Up,Up, Select 3.000.000 Extra Studs
  • Up, Up, Down, L, L, R, R Unlock Bonus Touch Game 1
  • Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, R, L, Start, Select Enable Debug & Debug Multiplayer Menus

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