Clone Seargent
A Clone Trooper Sergeant is a type of clone trooper. So far, it only appeared in one set.


Clone trooper sergeants were clone troopers who were placed in command of squads of nine troops. Sergeants were the lowest ranked troopers to have coloured flashes of paint present on their armor during the early Clone Wars, when colour was used to denote rank as opposed to the division the clone troopers served.


The Clone Trooper Sergeant minifigure features white legs with a black leg joint, and a white torso with black hands and green arms, the green being used in on the figure to denote the trooper's rank of sergeant. The trooper's helmet piece is white, with a predominant crest at the top, typical for Phase I clone trooper armor. Black and gray printing is used to represent the visor and other aspects of the helmet. A vertical green stripe also runs down the centre of this piece, from the base of the crest to the bottom of the helmet. Green is also present below the bottom of the whole visor section. The trooper comes with two accessories, grey electrobinoculars and a black blaster.


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