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Darth Vader's TIE Fighter (also known as the TIE Advanced x1 or just TIE Advanced for short)was the TIE Fighter that Darth Vader used. It was more advanced and fast than a normal TIE fighter. There were more prototypes including TIE Advanced x7, and Darth Vader's was the most basic one. He used it when he abandoned his Jedi Interceptor after becoming Darth Vader.



Vader used it to travel to Kamino, Starkiller used it to try and find his real Jedi Master named Rahm Kota, Vader travelled on it to the first Death Star, the ship was also used to destroy dozens of rebel fighters during the Battle of Yavin, Vader shot down Dutch Vander, Tiree, Gold Three, Red Leader, Red Twelve and Biggs Darklighter, Vader started firing at Luke but has damaged R2-D2, Vader fired again but Han Solo and Chewbacca came with the Millennium Falcon as Han shot the wingman Backstabber, Han then made wingman Mauler collide with Vader and crash into the trench as Vader flew and spun away into space, after the destruction of the Death Star, Vader made it stop spinning and flew off into the habited planet where he crashed into, Vader called the back up to repair the fighter. In the Battle of Endor, Vader's TIE Advance was destroyed while docked aboard the Super Star Destroyer Executor as it crashed into the second Death Star.

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