A droid carrier

The droid carrier is used by the Separatist army to rapidly deploy squads of battle droids into the action. These are usually used during invasions and battle. They are driven by Droid pilots, and can carry blasters in the front for droids. The LEGO version of the droid carrier could carry six droids (not including the pilot), an came in its own set called Battle Droid Carrier.

Lego Gungan

The 2011 droid carrier

They carry roughly 6-8 battle droids and a pilot. They have strengths and weaknesses


  • Quick moving
  • Rapid deployment
  • Light weight design
  • Blaster holder for the droids


  • No defenses or shields
  • Vulnerable to attacks from projectile weapons or explosives
  • No protection for pilot
  • Droids are in open view which leaves them defenseless against blaster fire



Video Games

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