Extras are components that give the player a special ability in all the LEGO Star Wars video games. Extras can be unlocked by finding Red Bricks in a level, or the player will automatically start out with them unlocked. When an extra is unlocked, it can be bought in the spawn room by the person in the game that sells stuff. Once it is unlocked, an extra can be accessed by going to the Start Menu, and then going into the Extras Menu. In the Extras Menu, any extras that the player has bought can be turned off and on. There is no limit to the amount of extras being turned on at once.

Extra Number and Name Game How to unlock Brick Effect
? - Old Save Lego Star Wars: The Video Game Auto Characters from the previous game are unlocked.
1 - Super Gonk Red brick #1 The Gonk droid is faster and can jump higher.
2 - Poo Money Red brick #2 Animals that are ridden on can poop studs.
3 - Walkie Talkie Disable Red brick #3 Enemy troops cannot call in for backup when possible.
4 - Red Brick Detector Red brick #4 Shows the location of the red brick if it hasn't been found already.
5 - Super Slap Red brick #5 Melee hits are one hit kills.
6 - Force Grapple Leap Red brick #6 Force users can use grapple as well.
7 - Stud Magnet Red brick #7 Gives player larger stud pick-up radius.
8 - Disarm Troopers Disarms all storm/clone troopers with blasters. Downside is this includes playing as them.
9 - Character Studs Red brick #9 Dead enemies will drop studs.
10 - Perfect Deflect Deflected blaster bolts will go directly back to the shooter.
11 - Exploding Blaster Bolts Blaster bolts are explosive.
12 - Force Pull Force users can use the Force pull.
13 - Vehicle Smart Bomb All enemies (excluding turrets) will be destroyed by pressing a certain button.
14 - Super Astromech Astromech droids can explode.
15 - Super Jedi Slam The Jedi Slam attack is more powerful and has a larger radius.
16 - Super Thermal Detonator Thermal Detonator has larger explosion and is more powerful.
17 - Deflect Bolts Players will deflect bolts when hit.
18 - Dark Side Force users will automatically be Dark Side Jedi.
19 - Super Blasters Blasters will have more power.
20 - Fast Force Force users use the Force faster.
21 - Super Lightsabers Lightsabers are more effective.
22 - Tractor Beam Enemy ships will be pulled toward player when possible.
23 - Invincibility Player becomes invincible.
24 - Score x2 Studs are worth 2 times more.
25 - Self-Destruct Droids can self-destruct.
26 - Fast Build Characters build faster
27 - Score x4 Studs are worth 4 times more.
28 - Regenerate Hearts Health regenerates
29 - Score x6 Studs are worth 6 times more.
30 - Minikit Detector Detects minikits, if they haven't been found already.
31 - Super Zapper All characters with zappers will do damage with zapper.
32 - Bounty Hunter Rockets Jango and Boba Fett can now fire rockets from their jetpacks.
33 - Score x8 Studs are now worth 8 times more.
34 - Super Ewok Catapult Ewoks fire torpedoes instead of rocks.
35 - Score x10 Studs are now worth 10 times more.
36 - Infinite Torpedoes All spaceships have 3 torpedoes at all times so they do not have to be collected.


  • All of the score multipliers can be used together, which can be easier in getting the maximum number of studs.