Geonosian Warrior
Geonosian Warriors are soldiers of the Geonosis.


The Geonosian Warrior was mainly grey with several black, golden, and red markings. They have wings which connect to their neck the same way as Capes, and their head is shaped a bit. They have a golden pendant with a red gem in it around their neck, and also has red gems in several other places. Their eyes are on the side of their head, and unlike the 2011 Geonosian Pilot, do not have printing. The body and legs are identical to the body and legs of the old Geonosian Pilot.

2003 version


They fought in the Battle of Geonosis and during the Clone Wars, and were also used to guard captured prisoners and tend to the monsters the Geonosians keep for the arena. They have wings and are seen battling in the air, controlling turrets, and riding Geonosian speeders during battle. While they are highly intelligent, Geonosians drones are only faintly aware of themselves as individuals, and think nothing of sacrificing themselves to protect the hive.




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