Geonosian Zombie
Geonosian Zombies
are undead Geonosians resurrected and controlled by Karina the Great.

Role in Lego® Star Wars


The Lego® minifigures of Geonosian Zombies were first released in 2012, in a set called 9491 Geonosian Cannon. The minifigure was exactly the same to that of a normal Geonosian, except that their bodies were grey, and they had no eyes. The jewel on their necklaces were also different. The minifigure also came with a set of wings, which could be put on or removed like Lego® capes.

LEGO® Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

In the Clone Wars game, the Geonosian Zombies are the same as the Geonosian Warriors but they are blue instead of grey or sand colored and their eyes are pupil-less. When they are attacked in the game, their head and legs come off and then they die.


Appearances in Lego®



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