Imperial speeder bikes are speeder bikes used by the Empire, in Episodes IV-VI. There are two types of speeder bikes they used: Snow Speeder Bikes; and Jungle Speeder Bikes. These speeder bikes are usually ridden on by Snowtroopers, Scout Troopers, and occasionally Clone Troopers.

Snow speeder bikes


Snow Speeder Bike with Snowtrooper

The Empire used Snow speeder bikes during the Battle of Hoth, in Episode V.

Snow Speeder Bike

 They are white, and have two extended poles coming out of the front. They were not released until 2010, in a set called Snowtrooper Battle Pack.

Jungle speeder bikes

Scout on bike

Scout Trooper on a speeder bike

Speeder bike

Jungle Speeder Bike

The Empire used Jungle Speeder bikes in the battle of Endor in Episode VI. They were brown, and had a landing stand on the front to help them stand up. They were first released in 1999, in a set called Speeder Bikes. They were seen again in 2002 in a set called Ewok Attack. They then were not released for a long time, until 2009, in a big set called The Battle of Endor. They were new and looked different. They also came ina set in 2011 that was also called Ewok Attack. They were mainly ridden by Scout troopers.

New speeder

New Jungle speeder bike

Appearances in Lego®

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