The books cover.

LEGO Star Wars: the Visual Dictionary
was a Lego Star Wars book released in 2009 by LEGO and DK Books. The book features unknown and known facts on almost every single Lego Star Wars set, minifigure, accessory, and more. It has 96 pages and even includes information on designing the sets and minifigures. There are four chapters in this book each containing useful information and a timeline at the front. In 2010, it was reprinted, with a new minifigure with white pupils. It was updated in 2014 with a minifigure list at the back.


This book also includes an exclusive minifigure specially designed for Lego Star Wars:The Visual Dictionary.The minfigure is Luke Skywalker (Yavin) from the awards ceremony in the Episode IV. He has a black shirt, a yellow over collar shirt (with medal), and brown Han pants. The new minifigure is a remake of the Luke Skywalker 1999 Tatooine minifigure.


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