Lieutenant Thire


Human (Clone)
32 BBY
Yoda (Leader of squad)
Primary Weapon
Z-6 Rotary Blaster
First Appearance

Lieutenant Thire is a playable character in the video game LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars.


Lieutenant Thire is a playable character in the story mission "Ambush", and is unlocked after completing this mission. He has red markings around his helmet's visor, and also one rectangle above each chest plate on the front of his armour. Additionally, half-way down the torso area are two lines curving upwards and towards the center (one on each side). The belt's buckle is also coloured red as opposed to white. Apart from these features, Thire's character design is the same as a standard The Clone Wars Clone Trooper's. In LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, Thire is usually armed with a rotary blaster cannon, allowing him to rapidly fire at enemies when the player holds down the fire button. He also has the ability to grapple, perform a single-jump, build, throw an EMP grenade, and place bombs in specially marked Clone Trooper areas. Approximately half-way through the "Ambush", Thire is shot by droids, and his right arm no longer functions. This prompts him to pick up a destroyed Battle Droid's head and use it as a melee weapon instead. Thire can only use the droid's head as a weapon during "Ambush".


Thire was a clone trooper lieutenant, and Shock Trooper, who was a member of the Coruscant Guard. He once accompanied Jedi Master Yoda to Rugosa on a diplomatic mission, and saved Anakin Skywalker alongside Palpatine to bring him back as Darth Vader. Vader would then permanently don a black suit, helmet, and a cape.

Lieutenant Thire completed ARC Trooper training after Rugosa, but before rescuing Vader on Mustafar, rising to the rank of Commander upon doing this. He would then go on to become leader of the Coruscant Guard, just after becoming a Commander. However, his men failed to stop General Grievous from kidnapping Palpatine, and initiating the battle over Coruscant.

Before Palpatine's death at the hands of Darth Vader, Thire was one of Palpatine's personal guards for off-world activities. After the Empire's demise, what became of Thire is unknown, but his death (if he did somehow die) was never recorded.

Appearances in Lego®

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