Logray (7956)

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Logray was the Head Shaman for the Bright Tree Village tribe of Ewoks. He had tan, and white striped fur. He was able to use the Force, after being captured and escaping from a "magical" Witch.

Logray was associated closely with Chief Chirpa, and helped defend the village. Logray helped lead the main force of the first attack on the Empire. He was later banished from the tribe for practising "Dark Rituals", and for being a bully and a coward. Logray's name was never spoken by Ewoks ever again.

Role in LEGO® Star Wars

The LEGO® version of Logray was first made and released in 2011. His minifigure was first included in 7956 Ewok Attack.

The Logray minifigure was made like most Ewok minifigures, but had many extra items printed on his head/body piece. Logray's torso, legs, and hands were all a tan color. Its head/body piece was made as a tan color also, but with white stripes coming from nose down his face, and from his neck to the bottom of his body. He had crimson eyes, and orange-brownish nose and mouth. His minifigure wore a brown hood that went down his back and parted on the front of his face. On the side of his head were grey ropes that hung down to the bottom of his hood. On top of his head was the skull of a bird, and a small brown satchel hung down off his body and over his legs.




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