Lego star wars luke skywalker endor
This version of Luke Skywalker is when he is on Endor in Return of the Jedi. He has blonde hair, black pants, sleeves, a robotic right hand, and a camouflage torso. He has only been included in two sets.


Luke nevertheless accompanied his friends on the mission to the forest moon of Endor to knock out the shield generator that protected the Death Star II in orbit. Upon approaching Endor, Skywalker sensed his father's presence on the nearby Star Destroyer Executor, and realized his presence endangered the mission. His companions dismissed his concerns, and proceeded on. However, thanks to Skywalker merely accompanying the mission, Vader was able to detect the presence of the Rebels in the shuttle in which they infiltrated the forest moon, but allowed them to land so he could deal with them himself. When the Rebel force was discovered by Imperial scout troopers, Luke and Leia pursued them on speeder bikes through the dense foliage and successfully prevented them from reporting the Rebels' presence. Skywalker showed off his skill in the Jedi ways by leaping from one speeder to another while traveling at high speed and deflecting the laser fire of another, which he destroyed with a stroke of his new lightsaber.

Lego Digital Designer version




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