LEGO builder Mark Borlase made an amazing re-creation of the Rebels' Echo Base. The first version included two custom brick-built AT-AT walkers, a large, lighted hangar, and a huge battlefield scene. It was featured in Lego Club Magazine, Lego Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary, and was displayed at a show in Legoland California. However, it was damadged irreparably in transit. But that was not the end, as it was rebuilt larger, with more rooms of the side and such details like a Tauntaun stable, a Bacta Tank, a Cafeteria, a break room, and sleeping quarters. More lights were added, too. Both bases were constructed with a white shell of bricks covering a frame made of Lego and Duplo bricks. Other changes were: Another Walker was added, and all three were equipped with winches for Snowtroopers to drop down onto the battlefield from the bay of the walker. Certain Rebel Troopers and Snowtroopers were equipped with light-up weapons, and all turrets were fitted with lights to simulate lasers. The hangar could fit many vehicles, a number of Snowspeeders were docked on the right-hand wall, and the other wall had two bays for X-wings. There was also a landing bay for a modified UCS Millenium Falcon. Lights were Lifelites products, and a sign mounted outside the door testified to that. Both bases had motorized hangar bay doors.

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