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Anakin Skywalker padawan
A Minifigure of Anakin as a padawan.
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Most minifigures are made out of a head, torso, and legs
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Minifigures are small Lego® figures. Most Lego®
Some minifigures come with additional pieces, such as hair, and a cape
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sets include minifigures.

Minifigures are composed of the following parts: head, torso, arms, hands, hips, and legs.


As described earlier, minifigures are composed of several separate parts: head, torso, arms, hands, hips and legs. The legs can rotate independently to 90 degrees forwards, and about 45 degrees backwards. They also attach to normal Lego bricks in either a sitting or standing position. The hands of a minifigure make a "C" shape, which allows them to hold many Lego accessories. There are many different accessories based on the accessories from Star Wars movies, including lightsabers and blasters. Minifigure heads are cylindrical, and attach to a long narrow cylinder at the top of the torso. The heads also have a stud on top, which things like helmets and hair can be attached to. Hands, arms, and torso are usually built together, and sold that way. The same goes wth the legs and hips.

In 2003, the first minifigures with natural skin-tones – as opposed to the yellow previously used – were released with the Basketball theme, the next year Lego® started to use natural skintones for the Lego Star Wars as well.

For Lego Star Wars, a cape is usually released for Jedi and sith. Almost all sets include a weapon, either a type of blaster or lightsaber.

LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia

In 2011, a book named the Lego Star Wars Character Encyclopedia was released. The book included a page with a detailed description for every Lego Star Wars minifigure released up until the end of 2011.

List of Lego® Star Wars minifigures

(This list is incomplete, please expand it)

Another list can be found here: [1]

Qui gon jinn
Qui-Gon Jinn
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Darth maul
Darth Maul
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R2 r7
R2 R7
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Episode I

Episode II

Anakin skywalker clone wars
Anakin Skywalker (Clone Wars)
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Clone Wars

Darth vader
Darth Vader
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Anakin Skywalker (burned)
Anakin Skywalker (Burned)
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Episode III

Episode IV

A stormtrooper Minifigure
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chrome stormtrooper
Luke skywalker
Luke Skywalker (Pilot)
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Episode V

3 ewoks
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Episode VI

Jabba the hut
Jabba the Hut
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Expanded Universe

The Old Republic

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