Quinlan Vos

Quin lan vos

Korto Vos (Son)
Primary Weapon
First Appearance

Quinlan Vos was a Kiffar Jedi Knight who was a member of the Jedi Order before and during the Clone Wars. As a padawan, he was good friends with Obi-Wan Kenobi and worked closely with him both before and during the Clone Wars. He trained Aayla Secura and was on Kashyyyk when Order 66 was given. He survived the initial purge and fathered a son named Korto Vos.

Role in Lego Star Wars

A Quinlan Vos minifigure was released in 2011. It was included with the 7964 Republic Frigate set. This minifigure included a green lightsaber, and a special hairpiece. The head and the torso were designed uniquely to this figure.

Appearances in Lego®

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