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Rebel Trooper

Rebel Troopers are the soldiers of the Rebel Alliance. They fight against the Empire for freedom.

Role in Lego® Star Wars


Star Wars Rebel

The Rebel Trooper minifigure

The Rebel Trooper minifigure was based on the appearance of the Rebel troopers in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. The heads of these minifigures have a natural skin-tone, black eyes and a strap for holding their helmet down printed on their face. The torso has a blue, long sleeved shirt covered by a black vest. They also have gray pants.

Game character

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Rebel Troopers from "Lego Star Wars"

Before they were created as minifigures, Rebel Troopers appeared in the Lego Star Wars video game. The ones in the game have different heads with no eyebrows,darker pants, different design helmet and black hands unlike the minifigures. In the game, they only appear in the secret A New Hope level as enemies however, one can unlock the Rebel Trooper as a playable character by purchase after completing the level. They play as standard blaster characters. Rebel Troopers appear again in both Lego Star Wars II:The Original Trilogy and Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga.

Rebel Friend

They are playable characters that play as standard blaster characters and have the same appearance from the previous game. Their helmet can be use as a part for the custom characters in the game the player can create. In both games, one can play as Captain Antilles and a red-shirt rebel called as the "Rebel Friend", both play like the Rebel Trooper. In Bounty Hunter Mission 8 in the Complete Saga, the
player's bounty is a Rebel Trooper on the Wookiee Homeworld of Kashyyyk.

Appearances in Lego®



Two Rebel Troopers in a scout speeder