The minifigure

Rocket battle droids were a type of droid class used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. They had jetpacks which allowed them to fly through space. A team of the droids once tried to sabotage Plo Koon's escape pod, after being hit by the Malevolence. These droids were painted in orange and black. These droids were used by General Grievous to hunt down survivors of space fights.

Role in Lego Star Wars

The Rocket Battle Droids are similar to normal Battle Droids, but with different color coding. Instead of a tan color, the droids' heads and torsos are an orange color. The arms and legs are grey, and one arm is tilted forward so that it can properly hold a blaster. On their backs, rocket battle droids have a grey jetpack, which is in fact a Lego binocular piece.

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