Sandtrooper Squad Leader from 9490 Droid Escape

Sandtrooper Squad Leader from 9490 Droid Escape

Sandtrooper Sergeant from 9490 Droid Escape

Sandtrooper Sergeant from 9490 Droid Escape


The Sandtrooper in set 4501

Sandtroopers are specially trained troops of the Empire wich can withstand extreme hot climate conditions such as the deserts of Tatooine. They have a cooling system in the helmets and suit, re-breather on the back with air-filters and water supplies and a long range comlink. The shoulder pauldrons represent the rank of a trooper.

Role in Lego Star Wars

Original minifigure

The original sandtrooper minifigure was released in 2004 with the 4501 Mos Eisley Cantina set. It featured the helmet, head, torso, arms and legs of a normal stormtrooper. It also featured an orange shoulder pauldron and a backpack. This figure included a long staff. The set also included a Dewback for the sandtrooper to ride on.

A slightly different variation of the first version of the sandtrooper was later re-released with the 7659 Imperial Landing Craft. This set was released in 2007 and included two sandtroopers. This version featured a black head instead of the original's yellow one and didn't include the backpack.

2010 Version

In 2010, a new version of the sandtrooper was released. It was included with the 8092 Luke's Landspeeder Lego Star Wars set. This version featured a completely new stormtrooper, as well as a redesigned backpack and a black shoulder pauldron.

2012 Version

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The Sandtrooper on a Dewback

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