LSW studs
are the Lego® Star Wars currency, they are little Lego® pieces similar looking to small disks. In the Lego® Star Wars Games Studs can be found inside breakable boxes, hard-to-reach places, hidden rooms, or simply lying in the shadows.

Stud Variants

  • Silver Studs: Silver studs are worth 10 studs, being the most common currency in the game.
  • Gold Studs: A gold stud is worth 100 studs.
  • Blue Studs: Blue studs, the stud with the most value that is found in all levels of the game, is worth 1,000 studs.
  • Purple Studs: Purple studs are found mainly during Character Bonus and Minikit Bonus, and are very rare in other levels. In the Darth Maul level in LSW: The Complete Saga, you can find one of the few that is not in one of the bonus modes. They're worth 10,000 studs.

Appearances in Lego®

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