The minifigure

T7-O1 was an astromech droid active during the Great Galatic War and the Cold War. It was in the possession of Jedi Master Ven Zallow. After Zallow fell during the Sacking of Coruscant, T7-O1 went into the possession of Aryn Leneer, Zallow's apprentice. Several years later, T7-O1 was given to the Hero of Tython, a Jedi Knight who fought for the Jedi order during this conflict.

Role in Lego® Star Wars

Lego produced a minifigure of T7-O1 and included him with the 9497 Republic Striker Starfighter Lego Star Wars set. This set was released in June, 2012 and also included minifigures of Satele Shan and a Republic Trooper.

Appearances in Lego®

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