TC-14 Minifigure

TC 14 polybag

The TC-14 Polybag

TC-14 is a protocol droid like C-3PO, but a silver version. In Lego® Star Wars: The Video Game and Lego® Star Wars: The Complete Saga, you can play as TC-14 in Episode 1 Chapter 1: Negotiation place of C-3PO.

There is a listing on eBay of a fan-made custom TC-14 that can be purchased from the same site, only when it's either new or used. A minifigure of TC-14 will be available during May 4th to May 5th at LEGO Shop@Home. It will be given as a present to customers, who spend 75 US-$ or more on a LEGO Star Wars purchase at this online shop.


A silver plated TC-14

Appearances in Lego®



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