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TX-20, a tactical droid

The Tactical droid was part of the T series of droid manufactured by Baktoid combat automata with the purpose of supervising and tactically informing. At 1.93 metres the tactical droid stood above B1 battle droids. They were approximately the same size as a B2 super battle droid. The model was more intelligent than standard battle droids and was deployed to command Separatist troops. They had advanced combat-analysis software and were very intelligent. Tactical droids were observed to be impatient and demanding. They believed themselves superior to other droids, as evidenced by their poor treatment and insults to battle droids, such as during the battles of Quell and Ryloth. They often issued conflicting orders due to their sense of superiority.

When pushed, tactical droids would even order the destruction of their own allies. No two tactical droids are the same the personalities and voices between units have slight variation, making no two units identical.

Tactical droids also bore colorful paint schemes, each of which is said to be unique as well. Whether the particular paints schemes bear any significance such as rank, type designation, or unit affiliation (as with other battle droids or clone troopers) is unknown.

Famous tactical droids include:

Doctor, TA-175, TJ-55, TV-94, TV-94B, TX-20 and TX-21.

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