The Tantive IV is the name of a Rebel Blockade Runner owned at first by Bail Organa and later by his adopted daughter, Leia Organa Solo. It was captured by the Empire and by Darth Vader at the start of Episode IV.


Tantive IV has appeared in LEGO a couple of times over the years.

75011 Tantive IV and Planet Alderaan In this set the Tantive IV was far too small to carry the Rebel trooper (episode IV) that accompanied it.

10019 Ultimate Collector's Tantive IV This UCS set did not contain any mini figures but is the only UCS model of the Tantive IV to date.

10198 Tantive IV This set did contain minifigures, including Captain Antilles and Princess Leia Organa Solo.

10030 Imperial Star Destroyer This set contained a microscale model of the Tantive IV.