Ewok guy

Wunka (brother)
Primary Weapon
First Appearance
Tokkat was a male Ewok from the forest moon of Endor. He had black fur, and a greenish hood. He is seen in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, helping Wicket and Chewbacca take over a AT-ST.

Tokkat with a bow

Role in Lego Star Wars

The Tokat minifigure was first made in 2011, where it was released in the Ewok Attack set. The minifigure was all black except for his hands, eyes, and hood. The hood of Tokkat was green, with a small brown string coming down from it. Tokat's eyes were brown, and he hand grey hands. The Tokkat minifigure was made like all Ewok minifigures, with him having a head piece the came down and covered his torso.

Appearances in Lego

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