Ok so here a list of new 2013 sets!:

The old republic battle pack

minifigs: 2 republic troopers and 2 sith troopers

clone troopers vs droidekas

minifigures: new droidekas (2) and 2 clones

A wing

minifigures:han solo,ackbar and a a wing pilot


minifigures: yoda,clone and a commando droid\assain droid

z 95 headhunter

minifgures:pong krell clone pilot and clone

jedi star fighter and kamino


Acclamator assult ship and couruscant

minifigures:clone pilot

Tie bomer and asteroid

minifigures: tie pilot

last but not least rancor pit.

im not sure if this is true because i found it on some site.

new phase ll troopers!

2nd wave pics have been released:

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