Jedi Destiny
IV: Return of the Jedi
Starting Characters

"So be it... Jedi... If you will not be turned, you will be destroyed!"
―Emperor Palpatine

True Jedi at 40,000: Well, first of all, ignore the Emperor for a bit and run around and clean up, first. You won't get the total, but you'll get close, so you can focus on fighting him, and when you get access to new areas, take the opportunity to explore. Don't forget that Vader has Sith Force powers that can access what a Jedi's powers can't. You should just make it. In the part with the lightning floor, definitely wait until you chase the Emperor off to Sith Force all the red lights. You'll get a good amount of studs from that area.

Area 1

Wow, that's a lot of hearts. Duel him. When he puts on the lightning hurt, switch characters and smack him. Get him down by about five hearts and he'll run off, leaving a small mess behind. Also, two Imperial Guards will attack every time he runs off. They have four hearts and good duelling skills, so be careful. If you can, just use Vader's Force Choke to do them in. Go over to the spot the Emperor took off from to find piles and a fan. Put them together, then have both characters use the Force to make the fan. Float up to the rafters. He'll electrify the floor in front of him. Watch for the path that darkens and follow it, stopping on the safe spots. Once you reach him, you'll duel him a bit more. Once you get him down to seven, he'll run off again. Chase him and knock down two more hearts. He'll fly up above. Assemble the elevator and have both characters use the Force to ride up. Knock off another heart, then chase him to the other side. Knock off another and he'll drop back down to the floor. Another two will put him near the edge. Strike him once more for the last one. That's it!

New Characters

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